Backup and Restore / Swap PC

Backup and Restore / Swap PC

It is necessary to backup and restore CMM-Manager when porting CMM-Manager to another computer, or re-formatting the original computer CMM-Manager was installed on. This document serves as a guideline on how to backup and restore CMM-Manager, including all configuration and user files.

Besides the CMM-Manager settings, depending on your machine/controller type, you may also need to:
  1. Backup and restore controller related files (See: Backup Controller Related Files)
  2. Install controller device drivers or necessary runtime components
1. Backup the configuration and user files
  1. Follow the instructions found at: Create a Helpdesk File
  2. If the CMM-Manager programs and reports are stored locally, backup the appropriate files/directories
2. Is this software using a USB Dongle based license?  If so, skip to step 4.

3. If the software license is a soft lock, then follow these steps to transfer a license to a new PC.
If the same PC is being reformatted and CMM-Manager re-installed, you will stop at the Transfer License step after the H2H file is created.  This file will be used to place the license back on the same computer.
Once the soft lock is transferred to the new PC, CMM-Manager will no longer run on the old PC.
4. Install CMM-Manager
  1. Run the provided CMM-Manager installer on your computer.
  2. Follow the onscreen instruction to finish the installation; Restart the computer.
5. Restore the license
  1. If a dongle was used:
    1. Move the dongle to the new PC 
  1. If a soft lock was used
    1. Complete the last step of the instructions at: transfer a license to a new PC 

6. Restore the system configuration
  1. Launch CMM-Manager
  2. Select from the Ribbon Tab - System | Configuration | Import
    1. The Import Configuration File dialog box is displayed
  3. Select the configuration / .ZIP file that was saved in backup steps, e.g., “My_CMM_1.ZIP”, and click the [Open] button.  A message will be displayed - “Please restart CMM-Manager for the new configuration file to take effect”.
  4. Click the [OK] button.
  5. Exit CMM-Manager.

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