Possible PDF View/Save issues and resolutions

Possible PDF View/Save issues and resolutions

On more than one occasion, there have been reports of QX PDF Writer (aka NM PDF Writer for versions earlier than CMM-Manager 2020) not working as intended. Below is a list of possible issues and troubleshooting steps to resolve:

Troubleshooting steps
other issues including but not limited to:
  1. hang after installation
  2. software crash when printing/saving to PDF
  3. cannot save to PDF

  1. Try rebooting the PC.
  2. Check that QX PDF Writer is installed (see Add/Remove Program list). If not, reinstall CMM-Manager with elevated privilege and A/V disabled (see fig 1)
  3. Check if QX PDF Writer is on the Printer list, if not, reinstall CMM-Manager with elevated privilege (As Admin) and with Anti-Virus software disabled.  (see fig 2)

Figure 1 - PDF Printer App
Figure 2 - PDF Printer

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