Recommended PC Specs for CMM-Manager

Recommended PC Specs / System Requirements

Recommended PC Configuration

* - CMM-Manager will run on Windows 7 and 8.1 however, these versions of Windows are outdated and no longer supported by Microsoft.  CMM-Manager will not run on Windows XP.

** - Dual monitors are recommended for vision applications.

Note:  Certain HP desktops are known to have unreliable communications via the Mitutoyo ComUC style controllers.  We suggest using a Dell workstation in these cases.

System Specific Requirements

PC Slots and Ports

Please review these System Specific Requirements before obtaining a computer.  The computer hardware must be appropriate to support any required internal cards, communication ports, or have sufficient USB ports to support any required USB to Device adapters.


Many older controllers used a serial port to communicate with the controller.  In some cases, the probe head (PHC9/10) was also controlled by the PC via an RS232/Serial port.  The PC will need sufficient serial ports to handle the required number of connections.  This is typically 1 or 2, but in the case of older Pantec/Wenzel controllers, it could be as many as 3.
If a USB to Serial adapter is used, we strongly recommend using the IO Gear USB to Serial adapter -  -


A few controllers utilize GPIB communication for the controller, probe head controller, or both.  An appropriate National Instruments GPIB card or USB to GPIB adapter will need to be available.
Please see National Instruments GPIB Adapters for further information.


Many new controllers communicate via an ethernet cable.  In these cases, when a connection to the internet or local network is also desired, a 2nd ethernet adapter must be used.  This can either be an internal card, or a USB to Ethernet adapter.


A few controllers use a proprietary communication card.  The host computer must have available slot(s) to support these cards.

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