National Instruments® (NI) GPIB / IEEE-488 Adapters

National Instruments® (NI) GPIB / IEEE-488 Adapters

If you receive a warning about a non-genuine NI adapter, please be aware that some very convincing gray-market USB to GPIB adapters are available from 3rd party sources like Amazon, eBay, etc.  If you see a warning in NI-Max software about a non-genuine NI adaptor, we cannot provide support for this hardware.

CMM-Manager supports only genuine National Instruments┬« GPIB adapters.  We support the PCI versions as well as the USB to GPIB versions for systems with unavailable PCI slots.

Many other companies offer IEEE-488 / GPIB adapters that claim to be fully compatible with National Instruments, but experience has shown that this is not always the case.  We cannot provide support for non-genuine National Instruments hardware.      

  1. PCIe-GPIB, Full-Height - Part Number: 778930-01

  1. PCIe-GPIB, Low-Profile - Part Number: 780575-01

  1. GPIB-USB-HS+ - Part Number: 783368-01

NI-488.2 / GPIB drivers are available from National Instrument - downloads

NI-488.2 Operating Systems Support -  Windows OS Compatibility Table

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