Troubleshooting CAD surface picking issues

Troubleshooting CAD surface picking issues

Depending on the design of the imported CAD, picking certain surfaces could yield unintended results as described below:
  1. Inability to select a specific edge accurately
  2. Points vector normal are not consistent across an edge 
  3. Points generated from a complex 2D curve have unintended gaps in certain regions
  4. Cannot select certain points/surfaces on CAD
  5. Wrong surface picked (opposite side of part)

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:
  1. Browse to the Display ribbon tab
  2. Select Editor from the CAD group
  3. Switch to the Surfaces tab
  4. Click on the Select All button to highlight all surfaces
  5. Click on the Properties button
  6. Check the Complex Surfaces option within the Other Properties group
  7. select the OK button to accept changes
  8. Re-pick the curve / surface

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