Excel Image Display Issues

Excel Image Display Issues

Most issues with incorrect image offsets are fixed in CMM-Manager 2021. However, there can still be issues for some users, and there are some troubleshooting methods described below to help resolve most issues.

Issues with the System Clipboard

The main method CMM-Manager outputs images to an Excel spreadsheet are by utilizing the system clipboard. If many applications are running that can potentially contend with the system clipboard, there could be issues with image output into an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. It is recommended making sure no other Office suite applications are running at CMM-Manager run-time. This includes Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, other instances of Excel, etc.
  2. Make sure no Clipboard manager applications might be running on the system.
  3. On newer builds of Windows 10, there is a Clipboard history manager that may be running which can be disabled:
    1. Search for Clipboard settings:

    2. Turn the Clipboard history from On to Off if set:

Issues with multiple monitors with mixed DPI settings

There is a noted issue when using Excel on a setup including multiple monitors set at different DPI scaling settings (example: 125% and 100%).

The image outputs will look okay when Excel is launched on the primary monitor:

There can be issues with the image output location looking slightly offset when Excel is set to launch on one of the secondary monitors:

If you are experiencing the problem described, please follow these steps to temporarily disable multiple monitor DPI awareness in MS Excel:
  1. Start MS Excel
  2. Click File > Options.
  3. In the General tab, at the very top of the options list, select Optimize for compatibility, then click OK.
    Note: if you do not see this option, then you should not be affected by this issue.

  4. The Optimize for compatibility option can also be selected on the bottom status bar if you click on Display Settings.

  5. Close and restart Excel.
The next time a report is exported from CMM-Manager, the images should now display properly in Excel.

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