CMM-Manager User Guide

CMM-Manager User Guide

CMM-Manager Help Files in PDF format.  
  1. Portable and printable version of CMM-Manager Help Files. 
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    • Possible PDF View/Save issues and resolutions

      On more than one occasion, there have been reports of QX PDF Writer (aka NM PDF Writer for versions earlier than CMM-Manager 2020) not working as intended. Below is a list of possible issues and troubleshooting steps to resolve: Issue Troubleshooting ...
    • Possible CMM-Manager Installer Failures and Resolution

      On occasion, customers may encounter issues with the installation package not completing as intended. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that the CMM-Manager application can still be launched and used without realizing any immediate ...
    • Launch CMM-Manager Program using External Command

      It is possible to run another CMM-Manager Program from the External Command operation. This is useful if you'd like to create a simple launching program - i.e. main program that prompts user for next program, and then runs accordingly to user ...
    • CMM-Manager Licensing Troubleshooting

      First Steps Reboot the computer Try running CMM-Manager by right-click Run as Administrator on the CMM-Manager shortcut Confirm that Sentinel LDK License Service is running From Task Manager> Services Tab look for hasplms.exe | Sentinel LDK License ...
    • Using layouts / Transferring custom layouts to a new computer or version of CMM-Manager

      Users have the ability to create and save/load custom layouts in CMM-Manager. Creating, Saving, and Loading Layouts To create a new layout: Configure the interface to meet your needs.  This can include DRO location, pinned / unpinned windows, window ...