Renishaw TP20 Racks MCR20 vs TCR20

Renishaw TP20 Racks MCR20 vs TCR20

MCR20 vs TCR20 Stylus Change Racks both work in CMM-Manager and as you can see the TCR20 is significantly less expensive than the MCR20.

The TCR20 is not currently listed in the CMM-Manager software because it is actually intended for PH20 probe heads where it is handled by UCC Server.

However, if you apply an offset of 13.36 mm to ports 4,5 and 6 in the appropriate axis for how your rack is positioned on you CMM it will work fine.

Additionally, I have attached CAD files for the TCR20 and MCR20 which you can add as furniture.

I hope at some point in the future QX Soft will add the TCR20 as an option.