I have a part that is 20 inches larger than my table. for the move part command it seems as though I need to be able to remeasure my alignment points from the before move section. this normally wouldn't be an issue if I was able to remeasure the datums. 

however, I am unable to align to the part datums due to the datums being at both ends of the part with one end hanging off the table.  is it possible to get the previous measured features to shift the same amount as i moved the part automatically? 

I'm struggling to figure out how I will report to the datums if measured features don't shift with the move part command.

the leapfrog command seems like it may be a good option but I'm struggling to get it to function in offline mode.  not having any luck that is showing how to use any of these features in offline mode. 

below is an image of the measured features shifting out of position after my add move command.