MAG 3 DIP switch DSW2 configuration with NI GPIB PCIIA/ GEOPAK compatibility

MAG 3 DIP switch DSW2 configuration with NI GPIB PCIIA/ GEOPAK compatibility

Updated: 2022_10_17 19:52 (UTC+2) 

Update 5 (solved DMA clarification, pending GPIB configuration by software): "Anyone has or know where I can get a user manual/guide/ instruction for traditional MAG-3, please, any info would be great please.  I have a MAG 3 CMM and NI PCIIA GPIB ISA card which is working well another GPIB instrument but i need  proper IRQ and DMA configuration to 3D GEOPAK v4.01. Unfortunatelly, user manual/guide lost." =>

***3D GEOPAK v4.01 use DMA and working well proper DSW2 switch configuration.***

***I experienced that i configured in NI MAX the GPIB address same as MAG 3 DSW2 Switch then not working scan instruments function and GEOPAK v4.01***  

Update 4 (solved clarification Binary calculation, LSB, MSB, DMA): Removed DMA notification from MAG 3 DSW2 switch config.

Update 3 (solved): I attached MAG3 DSW2 dip switch cofiguration. (MITUTOYO MAG-3 DSW2 DIP SWITCH CONFIGURATION/ GPIB ADDRESS WITH NI GPIB PCIIA 488.2) 

Update 2 (solved): I get ENOL error code but i found on NI website that *IDN? is not working with legacy 488 products, only 488.2. MAG-3 is legacy 488 product.

Update 1 (solved): "My question: legacy 488 is working with NI MAX 2.0 GPIB communicator or not?"
-Working, but 488.2 commands not supported because of MAG3 TMS9914ANL (SMJ9914A) GPIB controller IC support only traditional IEEE-488A.  

***Latest supported NI driver is 1.7.0 (WIN 98) for NI GPIB PCIIA***  

Reference DIP switch configuration #014115A

Parallel POLL DSW4 DIP SWITCH states 1 - 8 ON (fatory default all switch are ON). What is meaning?  ON is equivalent binary 1 or 0 )? Default address is 0 or 255?

1=LSB; 8 is MSB 
Main unit 014109A
EPROM NO. 014325A
CODE NO. 983-331

Thank you in advance. 

Error codes: ENOL; EABO, etc...