Furniture not in correct location ?

Furniture not in correct location ?

CMM-M ver  2021

I located the SCR200 CAD model in my environment as furniture.

When I jog the probe around it is in the correct position, but when running a program, or anytime I change a probe assembly, during the probe assembly change the probe head looks to be about 3 or 4 inches above where the SCR200 is positioned.

I also noted that when I preform a probe assembly change, on the screen, the probe head first jumps up in Z then it follows the X & Y of the change. Then when the new probe assembly is attached, and the machine moves back to the probe change end position, on the screen the probe head jumps back down in Z.

It looks like the amount that the probe head is moving in Z (on the screen only) is making the screen representation look incorrect.

Again the real movement of the machine is 100% correct, it is ONLY the screen representation that is not correct during a probe assembly change.

But it makes me wonder if the software is correctly considering the location of the SCR200 for collision checking.