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Hello. I am the newest owner of 2 legacy PCMM's and I'm having issues getting them to connect to any software so I can create a digital twin of my parts to reverse engineer in Solidworks or Fusion360.

One arm is a USB Faro Gage arm circa 2005 and the other is a Metris MCA I arm circa 2008. 

I am only able to get the USB Faro arm to connect Faro's CAM2 Gage 2.2 but the trial license has expired.  Not able to do much. I have access to CMM-Manager 2022 for 30days and PowerInspect2024 for almost 30days. I'm sure it's a driver issue with both arms since they are so old. The Mertris MCA I arm did come with a Delcam DVD but no license number. I just found a disc with CMS 6.2 and GSuit. 

I'm running Win10 64-bit that I also use with VXelements6.1.1 for 3D scanning. I have zero knowledge of these arm's past or access to the previous owners since I purchased these online from equipment brokers. 

Any ideas? 

PS. I have also unsuccessfully tried Verisurf, RevWorks and Rhino to acquire data with the USB Faro Gage arm.