Data Export based on new feature label update.

Data Export based on new feature label update.

Hi there, I'm curious if anyone has worked in depth the new feature labels and exporting the report as such.

I have two very large programs that I carefully labeled each report item as a balloon number.
The first program measures the top of the part.

TOP Program: The balloons might go 1,2,4,8.1,8.1,9.1,9.2, 9.3, 43,349, 417 ect.
Bottom Program: 3,4,5,6,7,10,>42>44>348,350>416,418

I'd like to report in the following method so I can get the data into my Excel FAI Report:
Row 1 - (Name of report item) 1, Nominal, Actual, Deviation
Row 2 - (Name of report item) 2, Nominal, Actual, Deviation
Row 418 - (Name of report item) 418, Nominal, Actual, Deviation

Support says this isn't available quite yet. I'm wonding if I can make a few DDE sheets and move the data around. I tried data page+ but it leaves the commas in and doesn't export the report label. 1,2,418 ect. Messy.

Should be a simple way to get the report name and the data out. I can't play with it right now because I'm running the last part... about 2 hours a program and I'd like to finish this project today.

Even if I could get the data out cleanly in rows as numbers, that would probably help speed this up! I have about 2000 recordings to enter.

Thought I'd ask here. Thanks for anything clever!

Tyson K.