Constructing points using Points from Cloud

Constructing points using Points from Cloud

I am trying to get the raw data from a circle with 60 points, I extract raw data to create a cloud, I then try to construct points using Points from Cloud to report the raw datat from the 60 points in the circle. 

The question is, why does my first point in the circle change when contructing the points?

Example: first measured point is 0.00X and 16.3Y, but when constructing the points from the cloud it changes the first point to a point that is 90° from the first measured point 16.3X and 1.6Y. This does not make sense. When constructing points from a cloud that takes its data directly from a measured feature where the points are in a set order, constructing points from that cloud should not change the set order that the points where measured in. Why does this happen?

I've attahced some images that visually show the issue, first image with yellow numbers is the measured circle, second image is a little harder to see, but the CLOUD1_P1 is now "point 1".....

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