Ask for Active Probe in Program

Ask for Active Probe in Program


is it possible to let the user who runs a program verify the active Probe and if it is different from the one CMM-Manager thinks is active let him type in the correct one?

Background is, we would need to run both Mitutoyo MCOSMOS and CMM-Manager for a certain transition period and so there will be the case, that CMM-Manager thinks Probe 1 is active but in reality it is Probe 5 (just an example).

Therefore MCOSMOS allways asks this question to the user when running a program, but I haven't seen this in CMM-Manager..

Otherwise I have found a great solution for running the Programs, I just use the MCOSMOS Launcher (Part Manager) and create dummy programs there which call the CMM-Manager Programm with /r Parameter.. Works fine except the explained problem..

Thank you guys!