Alignment- rotation based on circles

Alignment- rotation based on circles

Good morning.

I am trying to get an alignment rotated around the Z based on 2 bores. In the picture you can see the upper right bore, circled in yellow and the XY zero in the center of the part.

When the part was setup to machine it was rotated until that circled bore was centered in the ear of the burnout and the rest of the part was not really aligned to anything, other than the burned slot at the bottom was checked to be roughly in position. This leaves nothing to align on other the XY 0.0 at the center bore and the circled bore. The only way I was able to align the reference frame was to probe the circled bore and trig the angle of rotation and manually put it in as a rotation.

There has got to be a way to let the software do this but it is eluding me.

Thanks in advance for the help.