Adjusting Sweeping Range on scanning feature

Adjusting Sweeping Range on scanning feature

Hi everyone,

New to the site and CMM manager as a whole, I used to Program on PcDmis and Mitutoyo Geopak. I am however self taught or had a small amount guidance from a couple of people but never been on an actual CMM training course so I apologise if I get some terminology wrong or miss something obvious :)

To the question, I am trying to get the scanning feature on this LK Nikon CMM with Renishaw PH10M Plus head to scan on half or quarter cylinders for when there is not enough room to do the full circle however I keep having the adjust sweeping range greyed out. Is this by design or is there a way to adjust it/make it available?

I'm just playing with the software as best I can to learn more and having never had access to CAD models or scanning before I want to learn as much as I can lol, I can get this cylinder to measure using traditional points by adjusting the sweeping range, but finding out if I can get the sweeping range on scanning to adjust would be helpful for other components.

Cheers for any Help guys!